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Chapter 1: The Plateau

So, Chapters. Yes. A dream journey has begun, and it must be finished. After penning down the idea in the start of 2018, The Deccan Archive is finally live. The information gathered through this blog would later be compiled into a book when complete. TDA wishes to inspire whoever reads the blogs to research facts for themselves, to know more, to be driven by curiosity, because history is important. If you don't know history, it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything.

The Deccan Plateau Plateau is the term for "elevated tract of relatively level land" in geography. Deccan comes from the Sanskrit word "Dakshina" meaning south. The geography of the Indian peninsula, the largest in the world, is dotted with plateaus and mountain ranges. The Deccan Plateau being the largest of about 5 lakh square kilometers. It is bounded by Eastern and Western Ghats on the coasts. The plateau is drained by numerous rivers flowing west to east. The rivers divide the plateau into smaller plateaus. Godavari and Krishna flow through the Telangana Plateau. Find out more about the plateau here Also check out

The Indian Peninsular Region viewed from Space Godavari, Krishna and Pennar are the major river systems that drain the Telangana Plateau into the Bay of Bengal. Most of the region is dry and excessively dependent on these rivers for water. The Southwest Monsoon is the main source of annual precipitation in the region.

More maps of the Deccan Plateau

The geography of a place plays an important role and impacts the people living in it. The civilizations molded themselves according to the geography of the place rather than changing the geography itself unlike now. The 21st century man has lost respect for the land form it lives in and has pledged to only devastate it. Numerous examples can be found through out the Deccan, disturbing the unique cycle of water through the well connected water bodies, blasting rocks and hills that predate the Himalayas just to house more people. One could say the greatest threat to the Deccan could be migration, destroying its nature, culture and its people.

Learn more about the Deccan river system here

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Jul 11, 2023

A fascinating read about the Deccan Plateau in Chapter 1! For more in-depth insights into geography, I recommend exploring RAU's Compass. They provide valuable resources and materials on geography for UPSC exams

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