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Exclusive Services

Check out our extensive range of curated services.

Research Services

We offer a range of research services to support students and professionals alike in their research. These services include access to the archive's vast collection of historical material, archival research, oral history interviews, and more. The archive also provides guidance and support to those wishing to conduct their own research.

Image Procurement

We also offer image procurement services if you are writing a book on the Deccan.

Hyderabad Archival Document Procurement

We provide document procurement services to help visitors gain an comprehensive understanding of Deccan's cultural history. Our experienced team of translators specialize in various languages, offering accurate and reliable translations for single documents or full collections. We will ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Translation Services

Our team of experienced translators are experts in various languages, providing accurate and reliable translations that help visitors gain a deeper appreciation of India's cultural history. Whether you're looking to understand a single document or need a full translation of an entire collection, The Deccan Archive will ensure your needs are met with speed and precision.

Curated Tours and Experiences

We offer a unique curated tours service, taking visitors through the archives and collections to explore and learn more about India's rich cultural history. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides provide a personalized, in-depth experience, allowing visitors to discover the stories behind the artifacts and documents. Our carefully crafted itineraries are tailored to each visitor's interests, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable and informative experience. To book an experience, contact us.

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