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How It Got Started

'The Deccan Archive' was founded in November 2018 with an aim to collect and document Deccan history and create dialogue around it. In 2020, we began conducting heritage walks and workshops as part of our outreach program to reconnect people with their past. Every weekend since October 2020, we conduct curated walks, events, workshops to reach out to young audiences with hunger to learn history. We collaborate with artists through the Gawan Academy, our educational organ. We also have a growing collection of over a 100 old and rare books rescued waiting to be digitized. At The Deccan Archive, we believe that every artifact is a chapter waiting to be read, a piece of the puzzle that completes the grand mosaic of our shared heritage. In 2023, 'The Deccan Archives Foundation' was registered as a Trust under the Registration no: 171 of 2023, with a team  of 6 core members and more than 20 volunteers.

The finances of The Deccan Archives Foundation come from personal contributions, income from services, sale of merchandise and donations from well-wishers.

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