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Understanding Musi Workshop

The Musi river, also known as the Musa, is a major river system of Telangana, which begins and ends entirely in the Telangana state. The river which was once the lifeline of the city and several of its communities now lies in neglect since the last 5 decades. Its once pristine waters are now corrupted by sewage and pollutants from a metropolitan city. Time and again there were multiple efforts by several governments to revive the river, with the most recent effort being the establishment of the Musi Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (MRDCL) in 2015 to breathe new life into the river which has failed. This workshop, hosted by The Deccan Archives Foundation, in collaboration with INTACH Hyderabad and ASEEM, aims to help students understand the historic core of the river Musi through on site visits, sessions on history and ecology of the river by experts, mapping activities around the historic core area and put forward their ideas for the riverfront.

Please find the report here:

Understanding Musi
Download PDF • 144.12MB

Check out the interactive map generated during the workshop here:

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